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Take a break from the office and step back in time with one of our guided tours and witness some of the most spectacular, natural scenery, on the Faroe Islands. MARKA is inspired by the Faroes Sheep Letter which is over 700 years old and is the oldest surviving document on the Islands.

Duration: 4 hours
Min. 10 persons.
Price:: 1095,- per person

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This guided tour is inspired by the Faroese Sheep Letter, the oldest surviving document on the Faroe Islands and how it still affects agricultural practices some 700 years later.

The tour starts at the parking lot just south of Hundsarabotn. From here we hike to the historically significant Brynjumannaborð. We walk along the old, charming road Oyggjargøta south to Langaregn where it joins Oyggjarvegurin.

We will be hiking along the beautiful river Skeiðsá, followed by a stop at the significant landmark. "Koppin". From there we venture off to "á Stall", which gives you a clear view of the two towering mountains Skælingur and Sornfelli.

Throughout the tour, I will be talking you through significant historical events past and present and our family farm's role in some of them. I will be talking about the 700-year-old Sheep Letter, how it came to be and how it affects my family's farm to this very day.

The tour is for a minimum for 10 participants. It has been designed for businesses wanting a break from the office and tourists wanting a special day out on the Faroes.

It is possible to customize the tour. For more information, please feel free to write to us on [email protected] or call 591500 .


  • Tour with a guide who grew up on Oyrareingjargardur.
  • Story-telling. Learn about the Faroese Sheep Letter and how it impacted life on our farm. The Sheep Letter is the oldest surviving document on the islands, and the rules and regulations are still in use today. Hear about legendary folklore and historical events and see where it took place.
  • Lunch wrapped in recyclable and reusable material.
  • Delicious home-made rye bread with faroese specialities: Air-dried mutton and cold slices of rolled mutton with herbs from our farm. Served with a beverage to quench your thirst.
  • Tote-bag. Black with gold MARKA logo made of 100% eco-friendly cotton.
  • Brochure with a brief historical account of the Faroese Sheep Letter and our farm.
  • Superior quality umbrella: Black with gold MARKA logo. A timeless and elegant design. Comes with convenient zipper casing.

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Need further information about the tour? Please feel free to contact us on: [email protected]


  1. MAP arkitektar

    It's a rare treat to get such a fully-fledged experience as the one we had with MARKA. Time stood still, and nature decided the tempo. Nothing short of spectacular.

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